Okito Dance Class

Dance and movement are a natural part of a child’s world. The pre-dance class introduces the young child to the wonderful world of dance and music in a fun and stimulating environment using a sensitive and positive approach. Development of gross and fine motor skills aimed at improving coordination, muscle tone, balance, rhythm, and a sense of movement in space are stressed. Basic footwork is introduced along with popular “age appropriate” music that helps children feel comfortable as well as excited about dance. 

 Both imaginary and real props are used to stimulate creative thinking and provide fun and excitement to the classes. Our goal in class is to provide a fun and lively introduction to movement that will lead to an interest in further, more serious dance training, and provide a positive experience for the children that will create feelings of success, achievement, and self-worth.

Hip Hop Future Stars (Basic) meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm – 6:45pm. This class is for beginner dancers, ages 5 and up, who are interested in learning the basics of hip hop. They will explore old school hip-hop styles as well as the current hip hop styles, using current pop music to keep class fun and upbeat. This class is 45 minutes long.
Hip Hop All Stars (Advance) every Monday and Wednesdays from 6:00pm– 6:50pm.  This is our advanced level of hip hop and requires an understanding of the basics of hip hop. The class will explore break dancing and isolations of the torso, Arms, and legs. This class is 50 minutes long.
ATTIRE REQUIRED Clothing: Free moving clothing, class shirt, not overly baggy Shoes: Sneakers, nonskid Hair: Pulled back off face and neck.

Dancers will be moved from Future Stars (Basic Hip Hop) to All Stars Hip Hop (Advance) once all basic introduction is covered and determined by the Dance teacher that the student is well prepared to move on.
Once a month each dancer will receive a progress report and graded on the skills listed in each syllabus earning Satisfactory (S), Approaching (A), or Needs Improvement (I). A student is eligible to move up to the next level once they have achieved Satisfactory in most skills.

RECITALS Dance students in all (basic) and (advance) class have recital on a determinate time by the afterschool program. you'll be notified months before it occurs. These performances showcase each student’s progress and are an opportunity to celebrate your child’s success. Information regarding these events will be distributed to you as they occur.
COMPETITION TEAM If your child is interested in auditioning for our competition team (Okito Golden Stars), please email okitoamericamartialarts@gmail.com. The competition team is reserved for the most dedicated dancers. Dancers on the team perform at regional dance competitions, local community events, and select outside performances and recital.

Day Class Example:
 Foot work
7min of warm up (body stretches, simple dance moves across the floor).
3 min letting loose, free style and listening to music to get focused and ready for the class.
35 min of class relating to foot work moves
5 min for any final notices 
1 day in the month each group will have a little dance party where they get to show of their own moves.